Privacy Statement

Susan’s Wordweb saves contact information as provided by customers for the purposes of communication and as required for administration.  This information will not be shared with other parties without permission.

If you contact Susan’s Wordweb via email or phone, the contact information you have used will be saved in (digital) contact lists (email software / phone) with the purpose of communication about projects in which you’ve chosen to work with, hope to work with or already have worked with Susan’s Wordweb.

Susan’s Wordweb does not send news letters, unsolicited advice or advertisements.

At your request, Susan’s Wordweb will delete your contact details. Provided this information is not required for administration purposes (if Susan’s Wordweb ever billed you (or vice versa), your data need to be kept on file for five years after the current tax year , as required by the Dutch tax authority).

At this moment (May 2018) this site does not use Google Analytics.

IP-addresses used by hackers will be logged by my security-system, indefinitely.


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