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Welcome in Susan’s Word Web

This is Susan Vermeer’s website, screenwriter.

I’m an adventurer. This of course means I love to travel, not just physically though. Films and series, well, all kinds of stories really, take me on adventures as well. And that’s why I write screenplays: to create adventures for audiences to enjoy.

Stories take us into worlds we can’t visit physically, either because they don’t exist, because their time has passed or have yet to come, or maybe rather not.

In stories we experience emotional adventures with emotions we recognize, but not necessarily wish to encounter in real life.

I love to experience those stories in front of a screen, at the edge of my own sofa or – preferably – a cinema chair.

I think up these stories, write them into screenplays. My goal is to take you on those adventures in my stories. Work in progress!

What’s in a name?

By the way, I use the name my parents gave me. I shouldn’t be confused with the thriller writer¬†Suzanne Vermeer, an alias.¬† But what if those two got confused with each other? Good idea for a comedy, isn’t it? I thought so… Screenplay writing in progress!

What else?

Aside from screenplays, I’m writing a non-fiction novel on a cycling trip I made from The Netherlands to Cameroon, I have a part-time job creating quiz questions for TV shows, and I write web texts as a freelancer.

Interested in more ideas? Send me a message via the contact page.

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